Terra ForMars In serialization


Volume 15 acquired.

Flying Witch In serialization


Looking for chapter 22

Electric Town Bookstore In serialization


Volume 10 scanned, volume 11 acquired.

Shindere Girl and Forlorn Death-God Complete — axed


According to the series page, the writer Masaki Himura (a.k.a. Yuki Shinkiba) sadly passed away on 17 June 2015, after struggling with acute gastroenteritis for a number of years. Clearly this means that we will see no more content here, at least in its current form. Himura and her story will be missed. It was one early manga that showed me how enjoyable they could be.

The extra chapters after volume 2 were compiled into an e-book version, which I am looking to acquire along with the first two physical volumes for any extra contents.